Cake Pops


Okay. Okay. I’m probably just really slow and really behind the times (or maybe just English, who, in general, don’t do cupcakes like the americans) but yesterday, sometime around midnight I found *drum roll please* …… CAKE POPS.

Bee Cake Pops by Bakerella

Spring Chickens by Bakerella

Witchy Women by RunJanisRun

How cool are they!!! As with anything new that is crafty I found it on craftster the love of my life (although I have been avoiding it recently to try and wean myself off an addiction to it!) Apparently though, they were created by Bakerella in mid 2008 and have been sweeping the baking world. Although *ahem* living in a purple box me had not seen them before yesterday. Oooopsies.

Well, I plan to make up for lost time though and get cracking on some of these this easter holiday. Although – what is American frosting made of? It seems like you can just go out and buy tins of frosting, which i don’t think I’ve ever seen over here? Or maybe thats just me living in a shell. I also need to find myself some candy melts – anyone know if thats solely the preserve of mail ordering or can I buy them in shops as well.

Anyway I can’t get over how simply gorgeous these little bites are. Firsty, they’re made of cake – I think you cvan’t be a proper human being if you can turn down a bit of cake (unless you a well and truly and poggged out – in such conditions I will let you off). Secondly, they’re are absolutely wild and wacky, limited only to the roof of your imagination – there are no fixed rules, you can truly create whatever you like. Thirdly, well this is a bit aesthetic, but they’re nice and photogenic. There is nothing worse than making a lovely¬† morsel (usually a main I have to say) and then for it to sit there looking like a pile of, well, I’ll leave it to your imagination! Very frustrating anyway!

Anyway, I’ve rambled long enough about something I haven’t actually made! So I’ll leave you with a video from Bakarella herself, found on this blog, which details the creative process:


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