In my house of dreams…


‘I don’t know yet what it is, or where it will be in reality, but I have a little house o’ dreams all furnished in my imagination – a tiny, delightful castle in Spain.’

Anne from Anne’s House of Dreams by L.M.Montgomery

I don’t know if I have solid notion of what my dream house would be but I definitely have enough airy fairy images and little bits and bobs to fill up a dream:

A cottage in the country, with honeysuckle growing up the walls and a garden which stays stylishly disheveled without me doing any work:

And in that cottage I want books. Lots and lots and lots of books. I dream of a library with a bed in it, just in case I get carried away into a dream world or find out a spell which means I could fly around on a bed like in bedknobs and broomsticks:

And then, a little book nook under the stairs:

And also a window seat. Such a multi purpose spot, somewhere to read, somewhere to crochet, somewhere to just sit and people watch…a necessity in my dream house:

A Bedroom with the patchwork quilt my nanny made me (not the one pictured) :

A dress form in the corner for me to dangle with jewelry and dress up in vintage chic outfits:

A wall with photos of my friends and family, theatre tickets, holiday shots, slightly dodgy yet vaguely amusing postcards…a life in pictures wall:

Lots of candles and lanterns:

A whole craft room devoted to wool and yarn and fabric and paper and beads and embellishments and ribbons and stickers and crafty books is a necessity. And would you believe that I pressed publish without putting it in? I’m remedying that now though:

I would like a rocking chair in the living room for its nostalgic value as well as its fun:

And a wood fire to keep me warm on cold country nights:

And finally, beofre I completely exhaust my dream house fairy, I would like a light open kitchen with a wooden table and lots and lots of pretty glass jars filled with spices and sugar and such.

Oh and just before I go, fresh flowers everywhere:


Phew….that was long post wasn’t it! I seriously need to give that fairy some extra mooney for all that over time work. Maybe I should just stick to a wood and a little stream like Anne of Green Gables!

What about you? Anyone else still working away on their dream house? Or anyone got their dream house?


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    • It is indeed…I had WAY to much fun writing that post. That sounds like so much fun – lists are great source of joy to us all aren’t they. In some ways I can’t wait to move out of home just so i can have my own house/apartment 🙂

    • I’m glad you enjoyed them…feel free to have as many as you like 😉 I might be stealing a few back from The House in France – really enjoyed that post…I hope you mange to buy it sometime soon 🙂

    • Thanks 😀 I’m glad you enjoyed the post – I had lots of fun (maybe too much fun?) getting together all the pics. And we can always share 😛

  1. That’s So similar to my dream house too. As there’s five of us, i would need my own wing though 🙂 For now i’d settle for somewhere a bit bigger with french doors that open up onto a pretty garden in the summer. We can dream.

  2. Ohhhh, that book nook is killing me. It would never have occurred to me to use the space under the stairs like that but now that it has, it feels like I can’t possibly live without it….

    I’m sure I’ll learn to live without it though. A property that had that already would also have a crazy hhouse valuation. And I’m betting that it wouldn’t be the cheapest thing to install either. The only things I’m not compromising on at all are a power shower and a massive great brick barbecue. Either my house has to have them or I have to be able to add them.

    On a slightly unrelated note, I’d love a patchwork quilt too but not just any old quilt. I want the quilt from an old CBBC cartoon called The Brollys. And I don’t want to even think about how much it would cost to have made….

    • I know…it would be crazy expensive! I might just have to downgrade my ideas a little – or marry a builder/talented DIY person 😛 And yes, powere showers are heavenly! We don’t have one so i appreciate it all the more when i am staying somewhere that has this all important feature!

      • Same here, I discovered the wonders of the power shower when staying with friends in Canada and now it feels like I’m trying to wash my hair with a garden hose. In fact, Canada had a lot to do with shaping my idea of a dream house, as my friends had the most beautiful view of the mountains. And here, we don’t have mountains here. We have quite large hills.

        Many’s the time I’ve caught myself pretending that the clouds were mountains…..

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