On running


I went for a run yesterday.

Its a run that I’ve been trying to ignore for the past, hmm, three weeks? I did the first two sessions of week 1 of the Couch2 5k running programme the said three weeks ago and then stopped. I couldn’t be bothered to get up in the mornings. I felt embarassed. I’m definitely not sporty and overweight to boot – running? Really? So I tried to put it to the back of my mind. And then I assured myself that I would start it up again in the easter holidays. The easter holidays came. And I stayed in bed. What a surprise!

So what happenned last night? I was doing a bit of blog hopping and I came accross the blog Shrink to Fit. Its really inspiring and just made me think – heck, I don’t have any excuses or real challenges. So I went out for that run. Because I knew if I didn’t go then I would never go!

And it was embarassing. I was well aware that my ‘run’ was slower than some people walk. And that my make shift running outfit was far from professional. And that I was red in the face and sweating.


I saw trees covered in cherry blossom:

And when I was doing the walm up walk, I discovered a little patch of wilderness next to where the canal used to run (although there weren’t many pretty flowers up yet, so these will be to come):

And I discovered a new statue/bench thing:

And all in my local park. I was being alive while ouside running and I was discovering and exploring and living adventurously.

And I could never done that if I had just stayed in my room and gone on the computer or played Age of Empires with my brothers 😉 Although I probably won’t think like this tomorrow morning when I have to force myself to get up and go.


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    • I know exactly how you feel! I’m a slow walker anyway, running aside, and I’m always getting beaten or slowing people up. And then when my mum starts walking fast …jeez…I am actually running to keep up from her.

      At least I’m not alone 😛

    • Thanks for hopping over to say hello 🙂 I’ve just had look at your prizes – gorgeous – so I’d better go join in 🙂

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