Top Ten Tuesday


Top Ten {Tuesday}

Top Ten places I’d like to visit:

1. Edinburgh

2. India (As in just anywhere in India, where I can eat lots of curry and see the gorgous clothes)

3. New Zealand – I have family there and it just looks so beautiful (plus I can see where the Lord of the Rings films were made)

4. New England at Autumn

5. Paris, France. Kind of self explainitory really.

6. Pyramids in Egypt

7. Rome, Italy

8. Singapore – It just looks so unusual and amazing9. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – call me insane but I’d really like to get a look in one of the favelas (slums)

10. I’d love to go on Safari somewhere in Africa, maybe Kenya?

Where would you really like to visit?


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  1. I’d like to go to Ireland because I went as a smallish child but all I really remember was the laminate floor in the house, something I could easily see in IKEA without going all that way, and something tells me there’s a bit more to the country than that.

    • Oooh Ireland! I might be going there next year as my dads getting paid to speak at Ireland Quaker yearly meeting…although i might also be doing my own travelling by then….maqybe 🙂

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