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Top Ten Reasons I am enjoying this week (or two)!


Well, its holiday time for me (half term and then spare ‘study’ leave when other people still have exams but I can relax) and I am having a great deal of FUN, FUN, FUN. But just to make you more jealous, here is my top ten reasons why I am enjoying myself 🙂

1. I had a lovely night out (well in) with some of my friends on friday night and was introduced to Black Books.

2. I am going to get my ear rim pierced tomorrow (in what I think is called a helix piercing!) and am also going to be consoled/celebrated/looked after by my friend and a whole load of buffy. I am sure you will hear all about it tomorrow!

3.I am going to see Macbeth at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre on thursday. i am increadibly, increadibly excited about this – I am a MAHOUSIVE Shakespeare fan and have never yet been let down by anything the RSC have done. Also, the absolutely increadible Jonathon Slinger is playing Macbeth…I saw him as Richard the 2nd and he made Shakespeare come alive for me, so I am very excited about seeing him again. Oh, and its also in the newly refurbished theatre. If you needed another reason (I could probably have done a top ten about this alone!)

4. This is the first time I’ve been on the computer all day and I have throughly enjoyed not wasting all my time on it. Okay, its not going to last but I can still enjoy it.

5. The dentist pronounced my teeth perfect *insert big teeth showing grin*

6. I watched Walt Disney’s cinderella for the first time. Yes, I am just a big kid.

7. I am going to be meeting up with a friend next week to finally make cake pops. Oh boyah am I excited about that.

8. I will be moving into a new, bigger room some time next week. More on decorations for that sometime later this week. I might just be able to bring in some of my perfect house ideas (and more)

9. I’ve started this blog again

10. I went to the library today and borrowed the fourth one inTerry Prachett’s Tiffany Aching series. Love, love, love it!





Anyone out there fancy themselves as a bit of a movie buff?  Playing on clockbusters (naming 50 blockbusters while rushing against the clock) has just confirmed to me what, to be completely honest, I already knew. I suck at anything film related! I managed a rather pitiful 8 out of 50, using my knowledge of such classics as Pirates of the Caribbean (embarrasingly having to spell caribbean twice to get it right!), Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz to get me through!

pirates of the caribbean

How did you do?

Black Books & Sleepovers…


Well, yesterday evening I went off for what every teenage girl knows and appreciates; The Sleepover. But this evening, we did not give in to temptation and crack open the nail varnish and face masks. Instead we, aka. four slightly crazy weird teenagers, sat down to watch all three series of Black Books. And it was FANTASTIC. I’d never watched them before, but so many jokes revolve around this series that I felt that I had to watch it. And I am so glad I did. A smoking, drinking cute Irish guy with a beautiful accent (aka. Bernard aka Dylan Moran), a brow beaten side kick (aka. Manny aka Bill Baily), a neurotic best friend thrown in for good measure (aka Fran aka Tasmin Greig) and a second hand book shop with unnamed creatures growing from the mold. What more could you possibly want?

This is genuinely one of the funniest tv program I have EVER watched. We were all cackling uproariously throughout, no doubt disturbing the neighbors and the cats but, well, you only live once! If you get a chance to watch if – please, please do. You won’t be disappointed, I promise. And just to give you a little taste:

Watch. After all, its so deliciously dirty!

Angels Unlimited!


Do you want to know something else that I was doing when I should have been revising? I read my way through 9 of the Angels Unlimited (or the snazzily renamed Agent Angel) series by Annie Dalton, only stopping because I never owned the last three. Yes, I raced through 9 books of a series I first read when I was about, hmmm, ten? Six years on, you would have thought I’d have grown out of it. But no, embarrassingly – or maybe not so embarrassingly, depending on how in touch you are with your inner angel, sorry child – I loved every minute of it. I loved the creation of a vibey, super cool heaven. I loved the missions they get sent on, from  saving Shakespeare to playing their way through a japanese computer to game to retrieve the soul of teenage pop star in meltdown. I pretty much loved the characters, especially Reuben a ‘pure’ (born in heaven) angel with little dreds and Michael, archangel turned headmaster, with soulful eyes.

I will admit that sometimes the childish, slightly repetative (well at least when you read 3 books in a row) language did get to me. But, I’m willing to set that aside, especially as Annie Dalton can hardly be considered a bad writer and just enjoy memories of my childhood. I was also surprised at some of the rather good advice to be found. Maybe its a bit wacky and off the wall but the phrase (ad libbed), ‘The universe desperately wants to help but how can it, if you won’t even ask’ really struck a chord. It just makes sense somehow – how can we get help if we don’t even ask (maybe that is the problem of religious free will solved right there!).

Anyway, I enjoyed the books immensely. In fact, I might just go to the library and try and find the last three in the series. After reading this far, I want to know what happens. I definitely recommend them to any little sisters or daughters anyone might have. Or maybe even for the not so littlies like me 🙂

It is also the Book Blogger Hop today.

I know I don’t do loads of bookish stuff yet but, from my dream house post, I think my love of books is probably quite clear. Anyway the question today is:

“What book-to-movie adaption have you most liked?  Which have you disliked?”

Good question! I think the To Kill A Mockingbird, black and white (50s?) adaptation is pretty good. I also preferred the Stardust film to the book. I’d watched the film before I read the book and, as I realise that they are actually pretty different stories, I just prefer the plotline of the film and I think it’s an incredibly well made, realistic, believable fantasy film. that is not to say I don’t like the book as well (talking of Neil Gaimon – anyone watch the doctor who episode he did – loved it!). I also loved the lord of the rings adaptation. As for the dislike, I think the Harry Potter series have been generally pretty bad, although that doesn’t stop me going to see them on the release day. hmmm….I can’t really think of anything else – I generally avoid film adaptations of things I know, as it ruins my inner characterisation!



*Shifty look around*

Anyone there?????

I was just getting off to good blogging start as well then bam easter struck. And then exam season came along faster than you can say inner psychological religion. And that, I am maintaining, is the reason that you have not heard hide nor hair from me for over a month (is it really that long?)! But, bar one measely little exam after half term (which is critical thinking, so I maintain that it does not really count) I am free as a bird. And I have two weeks off to boot, so expect a lot more loving off me and my little bubbly blog – at least, if any readers are willing to ignore a rather conspicuous absence.

So what have I really been up to? After all, I haven’t spent one whole, gigantic month revising. I think it would be fair to say that I have:

Developed an insanely mad amount of love for the guys over at Charm City Cakes and their absolutely off this world and fantasmaslogical cakes. I wanna learn how to make cakes like that sooooo bad!

Become very well acquainted with both the casual and expert modes of cooking dash:

Failing a level...

 Made cakes for a cake sale but them never managed to make it to the sale…although my mother was lovely and paid me a fiver for the priveledge of eating cakes made by her own ingredients 😛 (eaten before photographed unfortunately)

Next time the sale will look like this, I promise!

Decided that this was just the right time to go back on critique circle and start to think about writing again. After all I do have 23 critique tokens saved up from three years ago…well maybe one was from last week when I was supposed to be revising for history….

This will be me - if I even get that far!

And just a little bit of this (much too little I can assure you!):

Oh, and taken 7 exams as well:

So, what have you all been up to?