*Shifty look around*

Anyone there?????

I was just getting off to good blogging start as well then bam easter struck. And then exam season came along faster than you can say inner psychological religion. And that, I am maintaining, is the reason that you have not heard hide nor hair from me for over a month (is it really that long?)! But, bar one measely little exam after half term (which is critical thinking, so I maintain that it does not really count) I am free as a bird. And I have two weeks off to boot, so expect a lot more loving off me and my little bubbly blog – at least, if any readers are willing to ignore a rather conspicuous absence.

So what have I really been up to? After all, I haven’t spent one whole, gigantic month revising. I think it would be fair to say that I have:

Developed an insanely mad amount of love for the guys over at Charm City Cakes and their absolutely off this world and fantasmaslogical cakes. I wanna learn how to make cakes like that sooooo bad!

Become very well acquainted with both the casual and expert modes of cooking dash:

Failing a level...

 Made cakes for a cake sale but them never managed to make it to the sale…although my mother was lovely and paid me a fiver for the priveledge of eating cakes made by her own ingredients 😛 (eaten before photographed unfortunately)

Next time the sale will look like this, I promise!

Decided that this was just the right time to go back on critique circle and start to think about writing again. After all I do have 23 critique tokens saved up from three years ago…well maybe one was from last week when I was supposed to be revising for history….

This will be me - if I even get that far!

And just a little bit of this (much too little I can assure you!):

Oh, and taken 7 exams as well:

So, what have you all been up to?


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