…put me out of my misery…

…Does anyone…


….stay up late….

…like really late…

…like 6.30 am late (or early)…


…they are…


Anyone? Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this? Not the only one who get so caught up in a book and characters that they literally can’t put it down. I was about to, at 2.30, but then a really big argument took place betweeen the two main characters and I had to know if it was resolved. Which it was, on the last page.

I’m not really insane. I just get caught up in a world and people that are so real I have to know what happpens. So, tell me – can you beat how late I stayed up reading?

This librarian was caught in bed with a book - for more info click on the image!!!

The Magic Book Fairy pops out out of your cerial box and says “you and your favourite character (from a book of course) can switch places!” Who are you going to swap with?

Gosh….this is a really tough one! I don’t think I’d be very good at being any of my heroines. A lot of the reason they are my heroines is because they are different from me. I’d love to be Keladry of Mindelan or Diane the Wildmage out of, respectively,The Protector of the Small series and The Immortals series by Tamora Pierce (one of my fave authors). Or maybe Meggie out of the InkWorld trilogy by Cornelia Funke.


About Hannah

Hannah is a creative dresser, bibliophile and crafter. She sometimes feels slightly odd but shes still a fun and friendly teenager currently typing away in a floaty white room.

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