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On Bubbles…


There is something magucal about the moment you unscrew a bottle of bubble mixture (which you might just have stolen from an unsuspecting little child as the joy of the bubble hit you) and you can almost taste the soap. Something magical in the moment that you dip the little plastic wand (see magic is in the name!) and see the cacophony of colours suspended between plastic and plastic. And then you lift up the little wand (not too close to the mouth or you could just get nasty mouthful of chemicals rather than a beautiful bubble) and blow. There can be frustration – blow too hard and the bubble mix ends up spluttering and splurging away from you. But then there can be joy. Joy when you gret a perfectly formed ;little round bubble. Excitement when two join together. And then fun as you chase them around and try and catch them (or is it only me and four year olds that do that?)

For some extra exciting facts about bubbles have a look here. It is a great little site all about The Bubble. Did you know for instance that when bubble meets bubble the walls join at 120 degree angle. I certainly didn’t.

Oh and hello by the way 😉 I’m your new host on Bubbles and Stuff. Enjoy.