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Happy Bonfire Night


406 years ago, a man named Guy Fawkes was fortunately (or unfortunately depending on your point a view) found beneath the houses of parliament, guiding gun powder which was going to be used to blow up the king and parliament. Guy fawkes and his co-conspirators were rather violently protesting against the treatment of roman catholics in England. Since Henry the eighths split from rome, religion had been a rather turbulant issue in England; catholics had hoped that when James the 1st took the throne he would repeal some of the previosuly made laws such as fines against those who didn’t attend a protestant church on sundays and holy days. This didn’t happen so the gunpowder plot was born.The plan was to blow up parliament on the day of its reopenning, which would mean that most MPs and the King would definitely be there. If  this took place then they could reinstate a catholic monarchy. Unfortunately, some of the conspirators warned family members who would be in parliament that day and word got to King James, who ordered the basement to be searched. Guy Fawkes was found and broke his silence under torture several days later revealling his true identity and those of his conspirators. He jumped to his death before being hanged the following january, so he could avoid being hung, drawn and quartered (which was a particularly nasty fate).

Since then us Brits have been celerbating the failiure of this dastardly plot (quite ironically in my case, as I am from a Catholic family!) There are several rhymes that we know have been around in different variations since around the 1700s. Including this delightful ditty:

Remember, remember the fifth of November 
Gunpowder, treason and plot 
I see no reason why gunpowder treason 
Should ever be forgot 

Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes, 'twas his intent 
To blow up the King and the Parliament 
Three score barrels of powder below 
Poor old England to overthrow 
By God's providence he was catched 
With a dark lantern and burning match 
Holloa boys, holloa boys God save the King! 
Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! 

A penny loaf to feed ol' Pope 
A farthing cheese to choke him 
A pint of beer to rinse it down 
A faggot of sticks to burn him 
Burn him in a tub of tar
 Burn him like a blazing star
 Burn his body from his head 
Then we'll say ol' Pope is dead. 
Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!

Nowadays its more of a chance to watch fireworks and warm ourselves by a big blaze rather than rouse anti-Catholic spirit but its certainly a big part of English history and one, thanks to its rather good propaganda programme (who can reists a bonfire and fudge?) I think probably will remain in very much in the public consciousness.

And just because the horrible histroies really shouldn’t be missed:




Wakey Wakey!


Does anyone else have an unreasonable hatred of their alarm tone? I do. I had the misfortune of hearing my alarm, courtesy of my phone, while wide awake. Boy did it make me want to kill someone. I’m not sure if that is due to the annoyingly high pitched cadence and whiney undertones that it posses or simply due to the fact it pulls me out, way too early from my much needed sleep. The fact that I set it for that time and I go to sleep at that time is neither here nor there in my eyes.

Perhaps one reason why very little money appears to be spent on creating an attractive alarm tone is because we will always intrinsically hate our alarm whatever happens. I think that this is why I could never have my radio as my alarm; I’d come to hate the song or show that woke me up. That said you can’t really hate the Chris Moyle’s show any more than I already do… (don’t get me started!)

I did once have three alarms, although I’m not quite as bad as this:

Three cheers for Molly Weasley!


My friends 18th birthday is going to be a Harry Potter themed party. As a bit of a potter fan myself I greatly approve of the plan. Fun fact for you all: My birthday is the same day as Harry Potter’s (and J.K Rowling!) Anyway, she has assigned us all characters and I have been given the great task of being Molly Weasley. Yes, the line that does come to mind is: ‘Not my daughter you bitch!’ I hope to make great use of that at the party, although perhaps not in quite the same format. I was thinking more along the lines of ‘Not my vodka and coke, you bitch’ although ‘Not my lemonade, you bitch’ is probably going to be slightly closer to the truth.

Mrs Weasley is a pretty cool character I’m not going to lie. She can come across as a bit of an old dear but in reality she is quite fierce and fiery (oooh, just realised I get to die my hair red for this!), has got humungous piles of delicious food stashed about and always has her knitting needles on the go. Oh and she gave birth to the twins. Enough said, I think.

I’d quite like to be like her I think. I was initially hankering after Luna (I am quite like her ditzy, silly, fabulous character but in different ways methinks) but I’ve come round. I love the way The Burrow is portrayed and well, its just so homely.  I can’t wait for the day when I have my own house, hopefully quite higgledy piggeldy with lots of stairs (you’ve got to keep the weight off somehow) and where I can always welcome anyone who needs to rest, rejuvenate and feel the love. And that, I think, is just what Mrs Weasley manages to do.

So here’s to skirts, knitted jumpers, red hair and Mrs Weasley!



Anyone out there fancy themselves as a bit of a movie buff?  Playing on clockbusters (naming 50 blockbusters while rushing against the clock) has just confirmed to me what, to be completely honest, I already knew. I suck at anything film related! I managed a rather pitiful 8 out of 50, using my knowledge of such classics as Pirates of the Caribbean (embarrasingly having to spell caribbean twice to get it right!), Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz to get me through!

pirates of the caribbean

How did you do?