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Wacky Wednesday


Below is the work of the fabulously talented artist Nacho Diaz, also known as Nao Lito. He’s clearly very talented, but has also got his wacky streak, as seen in his very definite style and sense of humour.

For more pictures and information click on the images above, his website or his deviantart profile. you can buy his work here. I think my favourites the slug and also the ice cream cone iceberg. Do you have a favourite?


Wacky Wednesday


One seriously talented guy decided to draw the Salon by Picaso on his basement wall. In Sharpie. And then it just got a little bigger. And soon the whole basement was covered in sharpie drawings all over his bedroom wall. It is seriously awesome, seriously wacky.

For more images click on the pictures and for a panoramic around the room sweep and the full story click here.

I don’t think I’d dare touch my walls, even if I was arty enough. I’d be too scared I’d mess up. I wonder how much practice he put in before he did the real thing? Would you dare?

Before I Die…


Before I Die & Candy Chang – StumbleUpon.

I found this article on my *ahem* daily (not obsessive, never obsessive ~ honestly!) trawl of the internet. I’ve just found out about StumbleUpon and I’m very close to getting addicted to it. Yet another way to increase my hours on the computer…le sigh…

Anyway, whatever the state of my computer addictedness, I was glad I can accross this article. Its an arty project that was set up by Cindy Chang. She basically took an abandoned building and made a chalk board of the whole wall, with ‘Before I die I want to…’ and all the residents in the area could just come and chalk on what they fancied.

Don’t the boards look fantastic (all images courtesy of the article by the way – DO check it out!)? I just love how human it is. How fantastically, amzingly human it is. (I sound like Doctor Who don’t I?) You have the odd joker – Be tried for piracy – wouldn’t we all just love to have that happen to us? In that we are being tried for piracy and then we are saved by the pirates, one of whom just happens to be a Jack Sparrow look alike who falls in love with you. Yeah, I wish 😉 And then theres the ‘Go to Rome’ – me too, my brother went in October and it looks gorgeous.

And then there are the ones that really should be mottos for life…

  • Save my soul – but then how perfect that someone has written above it – soul saved…we CAN do amazing things, we just need to put our minds to it
  • Love and Be Loved
  • Write a Book (well its not really a motto for life but something I really want to do at some point.)
  • Change a life
  • Have Fun – With a cute little smiley faced U!

And then, I just wanted to share with you the one right at the bottom –

‘Apologize. Forgive. Be Free.’

It struck me, as I was typing that out – none of the messages are about hate or revenge – they are all about love and life and LIVING ADVENTUROUSLY – which, I think, says something about us all 🙂