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Top Ten Reasons I am enjoying this week (or two)!


Well, its holiday time for me (half term and then spare ‘study’ leave when other people still have exams but I can relax) and I am having a great deal of FUN, FUN, FUN. But just to make you more jealous, here is my top ten reasons why I am enjoying myself 🙂

1. I had a lovely night out (well in) with some of my friends on friday night and was introduced to Black Books.

2. I am going to get my ear rim pierced tomorrow (in what I think is called a helix piercing!) and am also going to be consoled/celebrated/looked after by my friend and a whole load of buffy. I am sure you will hear all about it tomorrow!

3.I am going to see Macbeth at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre on thursday. i am increadibly, increadibly excited about this – I am a MAHOUSIVE Shakespeare fan and have never yet been let down by anything the RSC have done. Also, the absolutely increadible Jonathon Slinger is playing Macbeth…I saw him as Richard the 2nd and he made Shakespeare come alive for me, so I am very excited about seeing him again. Oh, and its also in the newly refurbished theatre. If you needed another reason (I could probably have done a top ten about this alone!)

4. This is the first time I’ve been on the computer all day and I have throughly enjoyed not wasting all my time on it. Okay, its not going to last but I can still enjoy it.

5. The dentist pronounced my teeth perfect *insert big teeth showing grin*

6. I watched Walt Disney’s cinderella for the first time. Yes, I am just a big kid.

7. I am going to be meeting up with a friend next week to finally make cake pops. Oh boyah am I excited about that.

8. I will be moving into a new, bigger room some time next week. More on decorations for that sometime later this week. I might just be able to bring in some of my perfect house ideas (and more)

9. I’ve started this blog again

10. I went to the library today and borrowed the fourth one inTerry Prachett’s Tiffany Aching series. Love, love, love it!